The Grey Dove Cafe

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Food Menu

Grey Dove Breakfasts (Served until 12:00)

Scots porage oats                                                                              £2.50

(add honey or Maple Syrup - 60p)

Home-made Granola with Greek yoghurt and Honey                            £3.30

(Or Greek yoghurt and home-made fruit compote)

Free-range Scrambled Eggs on Toast, Muffin or Crumpets                    £3.60

Free-range Scrambled Eggs and two slices of bacon                            £3.80

Served all day

Pan-fried mushrooms with pesto on multi-cereal bread                       £3.90

Bacon Sandwich                                                                                £3.60

Sausage Sandwich                                                                             £3.80

Beans on Toast                                                                                 £3.10

2 slices Buttered Toast, Muffin, Crumpets or Tea-Cake                        £1.60

(add jam, marmalade, marmite, honey or Nutella for 60p)

Children's Breakfast

Cereal                                                                                             £1.60

Porage                                                                                            £1.60

Soft-boiled egg with soldiers                                                             £1.80

Sausage and beans                                                                          £2.50

Beans on toast                                                                                 £1.70

Freshly Made To Order

Sandwiches / Toasties                                                                       £3.60

Paninis / Baguettes / Bagels / Wraps                                                  

Cheddar, Mozzarella, Crispy Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Egg Mayo,             £4.00

Tuna Mayo              

Prawn Cocktail, Smoked Chicken                                                        £4.50

Price is for one filling: add 60p for each extra filling

extra sausage, bacon or egg 90p

add tomato, cucumber, lettuce, red onion,                                             50p

caramelised onion chutney, pickle, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto         50p each

Add dressed side salad                                                                     £2.60

Grey Dove Lunches (Served from 12 noon)

Homemade Seasonal Soup of the Day                              See board for price

(with choice of breads)

Jacket Potatoes                                     

(Tuna Mayonnaise, Cheese, Baked Beans, Egg Mayonnaise

                                                         one filling / two fillings   £4.95/£5/95

Smoked Chicken or Bacon and Tomato Bagel                                       £4.50

(with Basil and Honey vinaigrette)

Homemade chicken, Leak and Sweetcorn Pasty in a creamy                  £5.95

Cheddar and Mustard Sauce              

(served with a dressed salad)

Homemade Chilli Beef                                                                       £6.95

(with jacket potato or wrap and dressed side salad)

Homemade Seasonal Feta Souffle                                                       £5.50

(served with a dressed salad)

Homemade Bacon and Onion Tart                                                      £5.95

(served with a dressed salad)

(Vegetarian option: roasted pepper and onion)

Homemade luxury sausage roll                                                          £5.60

(served warm with a dressed salad and caramelised onion chutney)

Smoked Chicken Salad                                                                       £6.50

(served with Caesar dressing)

Crispy Bacon Padano Salad                                                               £6.50 

Children's Lunches

Homemade Pizza                                                                              £2.50

Sausage and Beans                                                                           £2.50

All-Day Delights

Traditional Afternoon Tea for one                                                       £9.50

(Choice of finger sandwiches; ham, egg mayo or tuna mayo), Scones

(plain or fruit) with jam and clotted cream, slice of cake and pot of tea.

Warm scone with Jam* and Clotted Cream                                           £3.50

Warm scone with Jam* and butter                                                       £3.20

Toasted Teacake or 2 crumpets                                                         £1.70

(add jam, marmalade, marmite, honey or Nutella for 60p)

Selection of Cakes and Pastries (See counter selection)

Ice Creams

Choice of Movenpick Ice Creams                                         £1.70 per scoop

Drinks Menu

Hot Drinks

Tea                                                                                           Mug £1.70

English Breakfast                                                     Pot of tea for one £2.10

                                                                            Pot of tea for two  £3.40

Earl Grey                                                                                          £1.90

Green Tea                                                                                        £1.90

Selection of Herbal Teas                                                                    £1.90


Espresso                                                           Single/Double £1.80/£2.05

Black coffee or Americano                                  Regular/Large £1.90/£2.15

(with hot or cold milk)

Macchiato                                                        Single/Double £2.00/£2.25 

Cappuccino                                                     Regular/Large £2.15/£2.40

Latte                                                               Regular/Large £2.15/£2.40 Speciality Latte                                                 Regular/Large £2.45/£2.80

(A latte with a shot of Caramel, English toffee, Hazelnut,

Amaretto, Coconut, Vanilla, Gingerbread, Toasted Marshmallow

and White Chocolate - as available)

Mocha                                                              Regular/Large £2.60/£2.90

(A latte with a chocolate kick) 

Chai Latte                                                         Regular/Large £2.40/£2.75

(An exotic blend of cinnamon, spices, black tea and sugar

topped up with steamed milk. Flavours: Vanilla or Spice)

Babychino                                                                         Free for Children

                                                                                         with adult order

Hot Chocolate                                                   Regular/Large £2.50/£2.70

(add cream 25p and marshmallows 10p)

Sweet White Chocolate                                        Regular/Large £2.50.£2.70

Children's Hot Chocolate                                                                    £1.70

(cream 25p, marshmallows 10p)             

Cold Drinks

Smoothies                                                                                         £3.00

(Exotic fruits, Mango, Banana, Blueberry & Blackberry,

Raspberry & Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Mango and Passion Fruit,

plus Raspberry as available)

Real Fruit Smoothies                                                                          £3.50

Milkshakes                                                                                       £3.00

(Toasted Marshmallow, Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, 

Amaretto, English Toffee, Caramel, Hazelnut, Coconut,

White Chocolate, Ginger as available)

Mineral Water                                                                                   £1.30

(Still of Sparkling)

Bensons - totally fruity, 100% fruit juice                                              £1.80

(a choice of flavours)

J20                                                                                                  £1.40

(Orange & Passion Fruit)

Coke / Diet Coke                                                                              £1.40

Coke Float                                                                                        £3.00

(Coke with a scoop of ice cream)

Elderflower Cordial                                                                               90p

(By the glass)

Orange Juice Tropicana                                                                     £1.30

Apple Juice Capri Sun                                                                           70p

Glass of Milk                                                                                        90p

Caffe Frappe                                                                                    £3.00

Lipton's Ice Tea                                                                                £1.50

(Lemon or peach flavoured)

Real Fruit Smoothies

Strawberry Split

(Strawberry and Banana)

Melon Refresher

(Melon, Mango and Strawberry)

Berry Go Round

(Blackberry, Raspberry and Strawberry)

Pash and Pine

(Pineapple, Mango and Passion Fruit)

Home made cakes to order

We provide a wide variety of mouth-watering cakes made freshly to order. Whether you are looking for gluten free, fairy cakes, tray bakes, traditional afternoon tea cakes or something a little bit different, we can provide them all. Please allow at least 48 hours notice when placing your order.

Take away service

We also provide a take away service freshly made to order including sandwiches, paninis, baguettes, wraps and salads.